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Diagnosis, therapy, testing

Right folks. I’m sure we’re all agreed that the sooner we spot student weaknesses, the better it is. So we’ve decided to move everything forward this year. Data entry, reports, the lot! Everything? Yes that’s right! Remember how everyone always … Continue reading

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Knowledge? Tiresome, but needed for exams….

“The ability to engage with intelligent debate is an outcome much neglected in schools today, which tend to be more concerned with a pupil’s “workplace skills”, “creativity”, “critical thinking” or “self esteem”. However, engagement with the world around you is … Continue reading

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Success criteria and targets- are they really necessary all the time?

David Didau’s post a while back, “What if assessment for learning might be wrong?” was a challenge to what is often seen as a “sacred cow” in teaching. In my view, teaching has far too many of these sacred cows and … Continue reading

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