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Attitude to learning

Does your school give grades/comments to pupils for “attitude to learning”? In the old days, I guess it would have been just “behaviour”. I have no problem with the fact that we seem to have moved away from that to … Continue reading

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We urgently need to raise expectations in MFL

I was recently looking at the website of a German school  with whom, back in the mists of time, I organised an exchange. Although somewhat less gaudy and sentimental than many UK school websites, the content was otherwise very similar to a … Continue reading

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To select or not to select? That is the question

The decision by the government to allow the creation of new grammar schools has predictably caused a storm on Twitter. I attended a grammar school myself and currently teach in one. Both my parents failed the 11+ and attended secondary moderns. … Continue reading

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Secondary inset day buzzwords

I guess most of these would apply to primary as well. Apologies to anyone who has already had their first inset day, plus to anyone who happens to be presenting on the day – please take this in a light hearted … Continue reading

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