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Daring to rock the boat

One of the most marvellous things about the explosion in teacher blogs is that ideas which were previously “sacred cows” are now being challenged. What is even more fantastic is when you see a member of SLT challenge his fellow … Continue reading

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Data, data, data

I see that a member of the government’s data management review group, Edison David, thinks that the issue with teacher workload is simply one of ensuring that teachers understand the benefits of poring over data (TES 20th November 2015). Intrigued by this, … Continue reading

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Jobs that don’t exist yet

There has been so much written about this topic that I thought it was dying a death and that there was nothing I could add, but here we are again in the Daily Telegraph, as obviously some people feel it … Continue reading

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Lesson observations in secondary school

David Didau’s book “What if everything you knew about education was wrong”, has a chapter entitled “Why lesson observation doesn’t work”, which is a fantastic response to members of SLT who think observation is the key to school improvement. However, the one thing … Continue reading

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Repeating a year

The idea that pupils should not move up automatically each year unless they have met a certain minimum standard is common practice in many countries throughout the world, including much of continental Europe. It is regarded with distaste by most … Continue reading

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