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Dogmatism in the UK

I have taught abroad in the past in three different countries. I like to think it has given me an additional perspective on my teaching and the confidence to question ideas which are sometimes presented as the last word in pedagogy … Continue reading

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Assessment without levels – the key!

“Measuring pupils’ progress over a short period is unlikely to be helpful or reliable and it should, therefore, not be necessary to conduct and record in-school summative assessment for monitoring progress more than once a term. Ofsted does not require … Continue reading

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Why Mr Gradgrind, thou art updated – my version!

A fellow blogger published an excellent update to Charles Dickens’ character some time ago. The link is below. However, I thought I would also do my own version, now that checklists and “can do” statements seem to be the vogue, thus … Continue reading

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PiXL – Cultural shift needed for assessment without levels

“The system has been so conditioned by levels that there is considerable challenge in moving away from them. We have been concerned by evidence that some schools are trying to recreate levels based on the new national curriculum. Unless this … Continue reading

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