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Learning a subject is not exactly the same as building a car – my issue with Assessment for Learning

As a not particularly sporty individual, it took me longer to learn how to play tennis than it did some of the others on the course I attended back in the early 1990s. Time and again, I couldn’t get the … Continue reading

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Scholarship – the appeal of grammar schools

Two definitions of scholarship: “Profound knowledge of a specific subject gained by extensive reading or study” “Knowledge and learning – the qualities of a scholar” While watching the BBC’s The Big Questions #bbctbq on the grammar school debate, I started to reflect … Continue reading

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A thank you to Y6 primary teachers

“I learnt all my English grammar from studying foreign languages” This is a statement I have heard on numerous occasions from adults of all ages and it was brought home to me at a recent event for MFL teachers. A … Continue reading

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