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What is progressive? What is traditional?

One of the more thoughtful bloggers in the “progressive” camp recently tried to define what she thought was progressive teaching. The link is here. I have to say that I disagree with her analysis. I have known many teachers, traditional, … Continue reading

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Why PLCs might not be effective

If your school is in the PiXl group, you may well be encouraged to make use of personal learning checklists, or PLCs, to use one of many PiXL acronyms. On the face of it, these seem like a good idea. What … Continue reading

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A dangerous dichotomy

“I can hardly believe this article! Resilience, problem solving, change management, communication skills and other so-called “soft skills” are exactly what employers want, more so than narrow exams the kids crammed for so their school could get a clutch of … Continue reading

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Why the traditional/progressive debate won’t go away.

A lot of people claim the traditional/progressive debate is boring and worth putting to bed. Most teachers, it is said, use a mixture of methods. I would probably agree with this. I describe myself as broadly traditional, but this does not … Continue reading

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