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The value of an academic curriculum

I gather some university PGCE tutors are understandably upset when their training of teachers is criticised. I actually enjoyed my PGCE course. Yes – progressive stuff was pushed, but we weren’t forced into it. The conventional view at the time … Continue reading

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You failed to add value!

Every time I hear a presentation explaining Progress 8, or indeed any of the various measures used to track so called “progress”, my heart sinks. This could be because I am not a mathematician and do not find such things … Continue reading

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The joys of transition

Apologies to anyone expecting something profound on the apparent drop in attainment at KS3. This is a light hearted take on teaching year 7 from a secondary perspective You know when you are teaching year 7 when… 1. If you have planned a starter … Continue reading

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So how far can you study the culture without studying the language?

Anecdote 1 “So, what did you think of England?” I asked my Japanese student who had just visited England for the first time, staying with a family to practise English. “It’s a bit like Japan”, came the unexpected answer. I … Continue reading

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Metacognition and eduspeak – a distraction

The following post by the Quirky Teacher got me thinking. It seems to me that there are ideas in education which are “simply assumed to be effective by circular argument”, to quote Kevin Stannard. Learning styles was one such … Continue reading

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Data and exam technique – the wrong reasons to be in a flap about the new GCSEs

Having taught for a long time, I have seen many changes to the format of GCSEs. Every time a new syllabus is introduced, we all moan because we only have one set of specimen papers and we don’t know what … Continue reading

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Interviews – why do we make them so complicated?

Many moons ago, as an NQT, I remember that attending an interview was a relatively straightforward process. I was rarely asked to teach a lesson, for example. Much of the interviewing was in the style of a friendly chat. Yet I was … Continue reading

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