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The astounding diversity in curriculum provision

As a head of department, I am interested in how different schools make provision for my subject, MFL. This is often difficult to discover. While all school websites state the subjects offered, it takes considerable effort to find out just how much … Continue reading

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Another chat over the custard creams

One of my most read posts has been A chat over the custard creams – a light hearted piece which I’m told raised a few smiles. I thought I’d do a follow up….. So, Miss Pedagogy. You see the problem? … Continue reading

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How I avoided descriptors – assessing against questions rather than criteria

In my subject, MFL, descriptors are everywhere and I’ve always disliked them, for the reasons given by Daisy Christodoulou in “Making Good Progress”. Here are some I descriptors I have come across: Can write some single words from memory, with … Continue reading

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