The joys of transition

Apologies to anyone expecting something profound on the apparent drop in attainment at KS3. This is a light hearted take on teaching year 7 from a secondary perspective
You know when you are teaching year 7 when…
1. If you have planned a starter activity, it will be severely curtailed as it takes them five minutes to unpack their bags
2. They look at you with astonishment when you tell them to put their drinks back in their bags
3. A forest of hands greets you the moment they have sat down as they aim to be the first to ask if they can remove their blazer/jumper
3. Another forest of hands and panic stricken faces greets you when you are barely one sentence into your explanation of the task or activity
4. A challenging question to the class is met by deafening silence, followed by a lone pupil at the back raising their hand. In answer to your carefully thought out question comes the statement “I need to go for my music lesson”
5. The pupil who left the class for a music lesson returns after three minutes, having got the time wrong…
6. You are asked if you mind them using both sides of the paper in a test.
7. Copying from the board is carried out at an average speed of two words a minute, assuming they have found their pen first.
8. The child holding a pen like a pole is surprised when you point out that their handwriting speed is slow as a result.
9. The child who writes at right angles is surprised when you tell him/her that this will not be allowed in tests and they should try to write without resting their head on the desk
10. You need to allow 5 minutes for them to write the homework in their diaries
11. A voice shouts out “When do we hand it in?” after you have told them that their homework is to revise for a test.
12. A child stays behind at the end to inform you solemnly that their hamster has died….
Anyone like to add to this list?!
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2 Responses to The joys of transition

  1. JP says:

    They ask whether they should start a new page when they reach the end of the page

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