Secondary inset day buzzwords

I guess most of these would apply to primary as well. Apologies to anyone who has already had their first inset day, plus to anyone who happens to be presenting on the day – please take this in a light hearted spirit!

progress – 1 point for each mention, unless used in the phrases below)

progress over time – 2 points for whole phrase

Progress 8 – 2 points for whole phrase

tracking – 1 point

monitor/monitoring -1 point

target(s) – 1 point. (accept noun or verb forms)

intervention – 2 points

quality assurance -2 points

independent learning/learners – 2 points

feedback – 1 point

review – 1 point

peer assessment – 2 points

collaborative learning/learners – 2 points

Words and phrases unlikely to be used. 10 points if mentioned!


subject knowledge

long term memory

learning by heart

further practice

serious study

pupils (as opposed to “students”)

Any other suggestions? Please let me know your score!




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2 Responses to Secondary inset day buzzwords

  1. grahart says:

    ‘Deep learning’, ‘Jobs which don’t exist yet’, ‘ipads’.

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